Wednesday, 28 October 2015

*Cancelled* Paul Croft and Mark Gaultier's Guitar Evening

Hi All,

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances - Paul Croft and Mark Gaultier's Guitar Evening, due to take place on Saturday 14th November, has been cancelled until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Thank you

Nest Gallery

N.B: If anyone has purchased tickets from us already for the event, could you please come in with your proof of purchase and we will happily refund you.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

'Pop-up Arts and Crafts Fair' Saturday 25th July

Just to let you all know, Nest will be hosting a arts and crafts fair on Saturday 25th July.
10am - 4pm.
It is free admission.
We look forward to seeing you all there

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Adults Arts and Crafts Club with Anna Harding

Starting Tuesday 28th April:

Adults arts and crafts club with Anna Harding

1pm - 2.30pm
£7.50 per session

Booking essential.

We hope to see you there.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Change To Our Craft Group

Just to let you all know, the over 60's craft group which ran on a Tuesday 2 - 3.30pm is cancelled until after Easter. It will then resume as an all ages craft group, still on a Tuesday but at a new time of 1 - 2.30pm. Thank you and we hope to see you there.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Find Us With bcnest

Today we have been having an update of some of the NeST social media.
With gaining the new domain name of, we decided it would be much easier to find if all our social media used the same username.

There for you can now find our :
  • Twitter page at @bcnest
  • Facebook Page at
We are hoping soon to have a #bcnest also. 
We will be updating the Website, Facebook and Twitter sites a little more but hope that everyone enjoys the new changes.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Don't Forget

Friday 6th March
'WATERCOLOURS' with Jenny Ulyatt
£20 or £25 including lunch.

Monday 9th March
'SILK PAINTING' with Dyane Cakebread
10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm
£20 or £25 including lunch.

Please book before hand.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, 26 January 2015

All New NeST! Come see for yourself

We are proud to announce that our changes to the NeST are complete for now. More changes are expected to follow to provide more space and access to the building itself. For example we have had sand and cement donated by Terry Newrick from Jewson Barnard Castle located on the enterprise park.This mixture will be used to convert the front step into the NeST into a ramp allowing wheelchairs, push walkers and prams access to the front door for the first time. This ramp is expected to go down in the next few days.

We would like to thank the following people and businesses for their support.
Jennifer Cartwright - From R3B00T / Reality Studios Limited - 01833 200500 / 07960151013. She gathered feedback about the NeST and how it could be changed to help the local community and banded together all the trades and businesses that helped us.
She was able to repair and set up our new ICT room and volunteered her time over 4 days to redecorate both the ICT room and the multifunction room and set it up ready for use.

David Smith - From David Smith Handy Man Services - 07593346439. David helped us to use recycled resources to accomplish our goal. He helped us to move a false wall and panel it, fit new shelves for storage, helped to dispose of wood cluttering rooms, mounted the TV in the multifunction room and fit display cabinets in place.

Fran Elliott - From Friends of Leap - 01833 908697. Fran gave us a huge amount of time and guidance towards the elderly, disabled, young mums as well as much more. Her advice was used wisely in the new layout plans so we could make sure there was enough access at all times to fit all needs. She also provided ideas for activities which could be held at the NeST.

Terry Newrick - From Jewson Barnard Castle - 01833 638056. Terry was very understanding of the difficulty the NeST was in and after careful calculation worked out the amount of sand and cement needed for the new ramp. He also gave us a plug and socket to put together a custom built extension for the TV.

Paul Wood - From Woodcraft Joinery and Verandas LTD - 01833 630959 / 07751711089. Was kind enough to deliver the sand and cement from Jewson.

Maxwells DIY - 01833 638660 - Was able to help keep costs down by helping us with blackboard paint to create a new entertaining table top for the children's area.

John Cartwright - A local man who works at Glaxo Smith Kline was able to help us with the TV and other odd jobs were we needed to wrangling cables in the multifunction room.

Janice Cartwright - A teacher originally working in Barnard Castle now working at Carillion in Middlesbrough who teach young adults how get into the trade industry, was a regular user of the NeST in the past and was a big help in thinking up ideas towards food and activities that the NeST could provide.

Jill Coll - A member of the NeST was kind enough to allow us the use of her projector to be able to hold private meetings in the multifunction room.

These are just a few of the people who was able to help us. We are extremely grateful for their time, service and generosity and we can't thank them enough.

We expect there will be more names entering this list as the weeks go on as there is still a lot to be done. We thank each and everyone of the people who have come into the NeST and sampled our food, giving us lovely advice and feedback on our services and new rooms while they were being modified. We will certainly be keeping you posted as much as possible.

Now for the changes:

NEW MULTIFUNCTION ROOM - Able to have private meetings / classes with the use of a table top projector able to produce a large screen or the TV so the room can be customised to fit any needs. This room is also able to be converted into a photography studio / art studio if needed. This room is ready and currently available to book for anyone who wants it. Please contact us to book it today - 01833 695172

NEW HOT DESK ZONE - This are is a large open space with a variety of tables and chairs which can be moved into a number of shapes so can be organised to fit any needs. This space is for workshops, crafts, groups, a general meeting space and etc. The Hot Desks are currently available to book for anyone who is looking to hold any of the above and is in need of a venue. Please contact us to book it today - 01833 695172

NEW HOT DESK ICT ROOM - This well organised area has computers which are connected to the NeST's own Wifi and can be used by anyone in need of a machine.
With reasonable prices for people needing it for an hour, the whole day or even an entire month you won't need to go without a machine again. A printing service from these machines will also be avaliable. Running the latest Mac operating system both machines comes with Word, Excel and Powerpoint and access to the internet. Imac 1 also comes with Adobe editing software and photoshop. Our goal here is to get the machines registered as a unemployment base so people who are unemployed are able to used the computers to fill their job search quota. Avaliable at any time please just pop in to use them today.

NEW FRIENDLY LAYOUT - Our brand new seating plan has been carefully planned to provide the maximum amount of entertainment but also plenty of space and access for those who need it. This new open plan layout has already been tried and tested by customers with lots of positive feedback. Our new children's area has plenty of toys and books as well as a blackboard table to draw on. We also have a new menu and prices which has been very popular.

As explained before we will have a few more changes happening at the NeST but we hope that you enjoy our new features / rooms and we would love to hear your feedback on what we have accomplished so far.